Bonafide Certificate For Scholarship: Application, Uses, and Format

In the vast world of academics and scholarships, there are numerous documents and certificates that students come across. One such crucial document is the bonafide certificate.


When it comes to applying for scholarships or even for various academic and non-academic activities, a bonafide certificate often becomes indispensable. This guide delves deep into the realms of the bonafide certificate for scholarship, its applications, uses, format, and more.


Bonafide Certificate For Scholarship

What is the Meaning of Bonafide Certificate?

A bonafide certificate is an official document issued by an institution (like a school or college) to confirm that an individual is a legitimate and registered student of the said institution. In Latin, ‘bonafide’ means ‘in good faith’, underscoring the authenticity and genuineness of the person’s association with the institution.

The Uses of Bonafide Certificate

  1. Scholarship Applications: Most scholarship providers require a bonafide certificate to verify the applicant’s current educational status.
  2. Internship Programs: Companies offering internships often ask for a bonafide certificate to confirm the applicant’s student status.
  3. Concession Claims: For availing various concessions, like those on transport fares, a bonafide certificate is necessary.
  4. Visa & Immigration: For students traveling abroad for competitions or exchange programs, this certificate helps verify their claim as students.

Bonafide Certificate Application

The process to obtain a bonafide certificate is straightforward:

  1. A written application needs to be addressed to the head of the institution.
  2. The application should clearly mention the purpose for which the bonafide certificate is required.
  3. Depending on the institution’s policy, you might be required to fill out a specific form or attach identity proofs.

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Bonafide Certificate Application Format

While the exact format can vary from one institution to another, a general format is as follows:

Your Full Name

Your Class/Grade

Your Roll Number/Student ID



Principal’s/Dean’s Name

Institution Name

Institution Address

Subject: Request for Bonafide Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request a bonafide certificate. I am a student of Class/Grade in Institution Name and need the certificate for a specific reason, e.g., applying for a scholarship.

I request you to issue me this certificate at the earliest. I have been a student here since Admission Date/Year and have maintained good conduct.

I have attached necessary documents for your reference.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Your Full Name

Your Contact Number (if required)

Remember to replace placeholders (e.g., Your Full Name, Your Class/Grade, etc.) with your actual details.

Bonafide Certificate for Scholarship

A bonafide certificate for scholarship primarily confirms that the student applying for the scholarship is currently pursuing a course in the institution that issued the certificate.

This validation helps scholarship committees ascertain the applicant’s current educational status and institution. It’s a testament to the student’s authenticity and ensures that only genuine students benefit from the scholarship program.

How to Email a Bonafide Certificate

When it comes to emailing a bonafide certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Scan the Document: Ensure that the certificate is scanned clearly. Convert the scanned image into a PDF format, as it’s universally accepted.
  2. Compose an Email: Address the recipient professionally. In the subject line, mention something relevant like “Submission of Bonafide Certificate for XYZ Scholarship.”
  3. Attach the Certificate: Use the ‘Attach’ feature in your email client to attach the scanned certificate.
  4. Draft a Polite Note: In the body of the email, write a brief note stating the purpose of the email and the attached document.
  5. Double-Check and Send: Before hitting send, double-check the recipient’s address, the attached file, and the content of your email.

Bonafide Certificate Download

While some institutions might provide a digital copy of the bonafide certificate that can be downloaded directly from their portal, others might only provide a physical copy. If your institution offers a digital version, ensure you download and save it in a secure location and keep backups.

For institutions that only provide physical copies, scanning and converting it into a digital format is advisable for easy sharing and backup. For institutions and organizations that allow students and employees to download bonafide certificates online.

To download a bonafide certificate, students or employees should typically log in to their institutional or organizational account and navigate to the downloads page.


The bonafide certificate for scholarship serves as a bridge between the student and numerous opportunities, ensuring only the genuine and deserving candidates walk that bridge. Its significance can’t be understated, and thus, understanding its nuances, application process, and uses is paramount for every student eyeing the horizon of expansive opportunities.

Whether you’re applying for a scholarship, an internship, or even a student concession, remember: your bonafide certificate is the key that validates your identity in the academic realm. So, treat it with importance, keep it safe, and utilize it wisely.

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