How to Get Your Profile Code for JAMB 2024

Navigating the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) examination process is a crucial step for thousands of students aiming to enter higher education institutions in Nigeria. As we approach the 2024 JAMB exams, obtaining your unique JAMB profile code is the first and one of the most important steps in this journey. This code not only initiates your registration process but also acts as a key identifier throughout your JAMB experience.


In this guide, we will walk you through the detailed process of obtaining your profile code for JAMB 2024. From understanding the significance of the profile code to step-by-step instructions on how to acquire it, we aim to provide you with all the necessary information to make your JAMB registration process smooth and stress-free.


Whether you’re a first-time candidate or someone familiar with the process, this guide will ensure that you’re well-prepared to take this initial yet vital step in your academic journey. Let’s get started on securing your profile code and setting the stage for your JAMB 2024 success.

JAMB profile code

Steps to Get Your Profile Code for JAMB

Navigating the process of obtaining your profile code for JAMB 2024 is a critical step in ensuring a smooth registration process for the examination. The profile code is not just a set of numbers; it’s your unique identifier in the JAMB system. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you acquire your profile code with ease:

Step 1: Get a Valid Email Address

Before you start the process, ensure you have a valid and accessible email address. This email will be linked to your JAMB profile and used for all official communications.

Step 2: Personal Mobile Phone Number

You will need a personal mobile phone number that has not been used for JAMB registration before. This number will be linked to your JAMB profile and used to send the profile code.

Step 3: Send an SMS to JAMB Short Code

To initiate the process, send an SMS with your [Surname, First Name, Middle Name (if any)] to 55019 or 66019 from your mobile phone. This should be done using the format [Surname First-Name Middle-Name]. It’s important to ensure that the names are spelled correctly and match the ones on your official documents.

Step 4: Receive Your Profile Code

After sending the SMS, you will receive a response from JAMB with your 10-digit profile code. This code is essential for your JAMB registration.

Step 5: Keep Your Profile Code Safe

Once you receive your profile code, keep it safe. You will need this code for various stages of your JAMB registration process, including registration at CBT centers, checking your results, and other JAMB-related services.

Step 6: Register for JAMB

With your profile code, proceed to any accredited JAMB CBT center to complete your registration. Remember to take along your personal details, educational qualifications, and other necessary documents.

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Step 7: Confirmation and Rectification

In case of any mistakes or issues in obtaining your profile code, you can contact JAMB support for assistance. It’s crucial to rectify any errors before the registration deadline.

Step 8: Stay Updated

Keep yourself updated with the latest information from JAMB through their official website or verified news sources. This will help you stay informed about any changes or updates in the registration process.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly obtain your profile code for JAMB 2024. Remember, the profile code is your gateway to the JAMB registration process and must be handled with care and accuracy. Good luck with your JAMB registration and preparation!

How to Retrieve Your Lost Profile Code for JAMB 2024

If you have lost or forgotten your JAMB profile code for the 2024 exams, don’t worry, it can be retrieved. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you retrieve your lost profile code:

  1. Use the Same Mobile Number: Ensure you have access to the same mobile phone number used to create the JAMB profile. This is crucial as the profile code is tied to this specific number.
  2. Send an SMS for Retrieval: From the same mobile number, send an SMS with the text “RESEND” to 55019 or 66019. This message requests JAMB to resend your profile code to your phone.
  3. Wait for the Response: After sending the SMS, wait for a response from JAMB. This message will contain the profile code that was initially assigned to you.
  4. Check for the Profile Code: The response message you receive should include your 10-digit profile code. Note this down and keep it safely for future reference.
  5. Contact JAMB Directly if Needed: If you do not receive a response or encounter any issues, you may need to contact JAMB directly through their official customer service channels. They can assist with more complex issues related to profile code retrieval.
  6. Keep Your Mobile Number Active: Throughout the JAMB process, keep your mobile number active and accessible as it is a key communication link between you and JAMB.
  7. Use the Profile Code for Further Processes: Once retrieved, the profile code can be used for all JAMB-related activities, including checking your results or making any necessary updates to your registration details.

Remember, keeping your JAMB profile information secure and accessible is important for a smooth examination process. If you have changed your phone number or have other complications, contacting JAMB directly for guidance is the best course of action.


In conclusion, obtaining your profile code is a vital first step in your JAMB 2024 journey. This unique code not only kickstarts your registration process but also plays a crucial role throughout your examination phase. By following the straightforward steps outlined above, you can ensure that this initial phase of your JAMB experience is completed without any hitches.

Remember, accuracy and attention to detail are key when sending your personal information to receive the profile code. Safeguarding this code and keeping it confidential is equally important, as it is integral to all your subsequent JAMB-related activities. Should you encounter any challenges or discrepancies in the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to JAMB’s official channels for assistance.

With your profile code secured, you are well on your way to completing your JAMB registration and moving one step closer to achieving your academic goals. Stay informed, stay prepared, and approach the upcoming JAMB 2024 with confidence and readiness. Good luck!

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