Joseph Mundassery Scholarship 2024 Application, Eligibility and Last Date

The Joseph Mundassery Scholarship, a significant initiative by the Government of Kerala, is a critical lifeline for minority students striving for academic excellence.


As we are in the 2024 academic session, it becomes imperative to shed light on the key aspects of this scholarship: its eligibility requirements and the all-important application date.


This scholarship, named after the esteemed Prof. Joseph Mundassery, is not just a financial aid but a stepping stone for deserving students to achieve their academic dreams.

Joseph Mundassery Scholarship

What is the Joseph mundassery scholarship?

The Joseph Mundassery Scholarship, also known as the DMW Scholarship, is an initiative by the Department of Minority Welfare, Government of Kerala. It is designed to provide financial assistance to students who belong to economically backward minorities and are domiciled in Kerala.

Type of joseph mundassery scholarship

The types of this scholarship include:

  • Scholarships for High School Level: This is aimed at students who have achieved high academic performance in their SSLC/THSLC/Higher Secondary/VHSE examinations. Applicants need to have scored A+ grade in all subjects to be eligible. This type is particularly focused on students from the Below Poverty Line (BPL) group studying in Kerala government or aided institutions.
  • Scholarships for Higher Education: This category likely supports students pursuing higher education, such as undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The criteria for this category would typically include academic merit and financial need.

Benefits of The Joseph Mundassery Scholarship

The Joseph Mundassery Scholarship offers several key benefits to eligible students, particularly those belonging to economically backward minority communities in Kerala.

Financial Assistance: The most significant benefit is the financial support provided to students. This assistance helps cover various educational expenses, making it easier for students from economically weaker sections to pursue their academic goals without financial burden.

Encouragement for Meritorious Students: By requiring high academic performance for eligibility (such as A+ grades in all subjects of SSLC/THSLC/Higher Secondary/VHSE exams), the scholarship motivates students to excel in their studies. This fosters a culture of academic excellence among students.

Support for Continuing Education: For many students from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds, continuing education beyond a certain level can be challenging due to financial constraints. This scholarship addresses this issue by providing the necessary funds, thus promoting higher education among these communities.

Ease of Access through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT): The scholarship amount is directly transferred to the students’ bank accounts through the DBT system. This ensures transparency, reduces delays, and makes the process more efficient.

Reduction of Educational Disparity: By supporting minority students from lower economic backgrounds, the scholarship plays a role in reducing educational disparities within the community. It provides an opportunity for these students to compete on a more level playing field with their peers from more privileged backgrounds.

Empowerment through Education: By enabling access to quality education, the scholarship indirectly empowers students and their communities.

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Eligibility Requirements Joseph Mundassery scholarship

  • Applicants must be from Kerala and part of a minority community.
  • They should score 80% in Undergraduate (UG) and 75% in Postgraduate (PG) courses.
  • The family income should be less than INR 8,00,000 per annum.
  • Applicants must study in a government or aided school​​.
How to Apply for Joseph Mundassery Scholarship
  • Visit the Official Website: Go to the scholarship’s official website.
  • Check Eligibility and Scholarship Details: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Registration/Login: If not already registered, click on ‘Register’ and provide the necessary details. If already registered, log in using your email ID.
  • Select the Scholarship: Choose ‘Prof. Joseph Mundassery Scholarship’ from the dashboard.
  • Fill the Application Form: Complete the application form with your personal, educational, and bank details.
  • Create a Secret Password: This will be used for logging into the portal.
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions: Then proceed to submit your application.
  • Login Again: Use your username (ID) and the password you created to log in to the portal again.
  • Upload Documents: Include requested documents like a photo, signature, and relevant certificates.
  • Print and Sign Application: After submission, take a printout of the application form, sign it, and submit it along with the necessary documents to your educational institution​​.

Joseph Mundassery Scholarship Worth

The Joseph Mundassery Scholarship offers a one-time payment of up to INR 15,000 per year to selected candidates. This financial assistance is designed to support students from minority communities in Kerala at various educational levels, helping them cover their educational expenses​​.

Joseph Mundassery Scholarship Last Date for 2024

The last date to apply for the Joseph Mundassery Scholarship for 2024 had not been officially announced.

Does Joseph Mundassery Increase Acceptance Rate?

The Joseph Mundassery Scholarship does not increase the acceptance rate to the University of Texas at Austin. However, it is a competitive scholarship, and recipients are typically among the top students in their class.


Embarking on the application journey for the Joseph Mundassery Scholarship is an endeavor of hope and opportunity for minority students in Kerala.

The scholarship not only offers financial relief but also stands as a testament to the power of education in transforming lives.

The eligibility criteria ensure the support reaches those genuinely in need, while the streamlined application process makes it accessible to all eligible candidates.

With the 2024 application deadline on the horizon, we urge qualified students to embrace this chance. This scholarship is more than just an aid; it’s a springboard to a brighter, more empowered future through education.


Is this scholarship available for students pursuing higher education like undergraduate or postgraduate degrees?

    • The scholarship primarily targets students at SSLC, plus 2, and VHSE levels. Specific details for higher education students should be verified on the official website.

Do I need to submit any documents along with the application?

    • Yes, documents such as academic certificates, proof of income, and other relevant documents are usually required.

Can students from any state in India apply for this scholarship?

  • This scholarship is specifically for students who are domiciled in Kerala.

What is the process for disbursing the scholarship funds?

  • The scholarship amount is typically disbursed through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to the student’s bank account.

Are there any income criteria for the scholarship?

  • Yes, the family income is considered, and students from economically backward families are prioritized. The exact income limit should be confirmed from the latest scholarship notification.

Can I apply for this scholarship if I have already received another scholarship?

  • This depends on the terms and conditions of both the Joseph Mundassery Scholarship and the other scholarship program. It’s advisable to check the specific guidelines.

 Where can I find the application form for the Joseph Mundassery Scholarship?

  • The application form is typically available on the official website dedicated to the scholarship.

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