k3 Scholarship 2024-25 Application, Eligibility, Amount and Last Date

As education continues to be a paramount aspect of personal and societal development, the need for financial aid like scholarships has grown significantly.


Scholarships act as a bridge, allowing deserving candidates to transcend financial barriers in pursuit of academic excellence. One such opportunity for students is the K3 Scholarship.


Let’s delve deep into the particulars of the K3 Scholarship to understand its significance, benefits, application process, and much more.

k3 Scholarship Application

K3 Scholarship Overview

The Kanyashree (K3) Scholarship is a government-funded scholarship scheme for female students in West Bengal, India. It is a sub-scheme of the Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship Scheme and is available to Kanyashree girls who have enrolled in postgraduate courses in the state of West Bengal.

The K3 Scholarship, sought by thousands across the country, aims to support and empower students by providing them with the necessary financial aid to continue their education seamlessly. Designed for diverse age groups and educational levels, it ensures that deserving candidates don’t halt their academic journey due to monetary constraints.

K3 Scholarship Benefits

  1. Financial Assistance: The primary benefit of the K3 scholarship is the monetary support it provides, enabling students to cover various academic-related expenses.
  2. Career Boost: Recipients often find it easier to access higher educational institutions or job opportunities, given the recognition and merit associated with the scholarship.
  3. Networking: Some versions of the K3 scholarship also offer mentorship programs or workshops, allowing students to network with professionals in their field.

K3 Scholarship Amount

The K3 Scholarship amount is INR 2500 per month for science stream students and INR 2000 per month for arts stream students. The scholarship is paid for the entire duration of the postgraduate course.

K3 Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the K3 Scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a female student domiciled in the state of West Bengal.
  • Have passed an undergraduate degree with at least 45% marks.
  • Have secured admission to any postgraduate course at any university in West Bengal.
  • Be a registered beneficiary of the Kanyashree scheme.

How to Apply for the K3 Scholarship

Applications are usually done online via the official K3 scholarship portal. Aspirants need to register, fill in their details, and upload necessary documents to apply.

K3 Scholarship Application Procedure

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Head over to the official K3 scholarship portal.
  2. Registration: For first-time users, registration is mandatory. Use a valid email ID and mobile number.
  3. Fill in Details: Complete the application form by filling in academic, personal, and financial details.
  4. Upload Documents: Scan and upload necessary documents like identity proofs, academic transcripts, etc.
  5. Submit: After verifying all details, submit the application.

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Important Tips for a Successful Application Procedure

  1. Early Start: Begin the application process well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.
  2. Document Verification: Ensure all uploaded documents are clear and genuine. Any discrepancies can lead to disqualification.
  3. Regularly Check the Portal: Post submission, regularly check the portal for any updates or notifications.
  4. Thoroughly Read Guidelines: Before applying, read all guidelines and FAQs to avoid common mistakes.

K3 Scholarship Closing Date

The K3 Scholarship closing date varies from year to year. Students are advised to check the Kanyashree portal for the latest information on the closing date.

How to Check the Status of K3 Scholarship

  1. Log into the K3 scholarship portal using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Application Status’ or similar tab.
  3. Here, you can view the current status of your application – whether it’s been accepted, pending review, or if further actions are required.


The K3 scholarship is more than just financial aid. It’s an opportunity, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the importance of education. Whether you’re a potential applicant or a guardian exploring opportunities for your ward, staying informed and proactive is key. The world of scholarships is competitive, but with the right knowledge and a bit of diligence, the path becomes clearer and goals more achievable.


Q: Is there an age limit for the K3 scholarship?

The age limit might vary based on the specific variant of the scholarship.

Q: Can I edit my application post-submission?

Some portals allow modifications within a specified time frame, while others might not. It’s best to verify details before final submission.

Q: When will the scholarship amount be disbursed?

Typically, after the announcement of selected candidates, the amount is disbursed within a few months.

Q: How many times can I apply for the K3 Scholarship?

Typically, students can apply each academic year, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Q: Are international students eligible for the K3 Scholarship?

The eligibility for international students varies. It’s best to check the specific guidelines on the official portal.

Q: Can I avail of other scholarships alongside the K3 Scholarship?

Yes, unless specified otherwise in the K3 Scholarship terms and conditions.

Q: When are the scholarship recipients announced?

Recipients are usually announced a couple of months post the application closing date, often around June or July.

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