How Much is JAMB Form for 2024/2025?

As the 2024/2025 academic year approaches, one of the key questions on the minds of many Nigerian students and their guardians is, “How much is the JAMB form?” Understanding the cost of the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) form is important for proper planning and preparation for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). In this blog post, we aim to provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date information about the pricing of the JAMB form for the 2024/2025 session, ensuring that you are well-prepared financially for this crucial step in your educational journey.


Going through the costs associated with university entrance examinations can be challenging, especially with varying information sources. Hence, this guide is designed to offer clarity and assist you in budgeting appropriately for the JAMB registration.


We will also delve into additional expenses that might accompany the registration process, giving you a holistic view of what to expect financially. Whether you are a first-time applicant or a returning candidate, this post will equip you with the essential details about the cost of the JAMB form for the upcoming academic year. Let’s explore what you need to know to set yourself up for success in the JAMB 2024/2025.

How Much is JAMB Form?

Understanding the Cost of JAMB Form for 2024

Navigating the financial aspects of the JAMB registration process is a critical part of preparing for the 2024/2025 academic year. The cost of the JAMB form is a key consideration for students and their families as they plan for university entrance exams. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in terms of expenses:

Cost of the JAMB Form

  • `Official JAMB Form Price: As of the latest information available, the cost of the JAMB form for the 2024/2025 session is N4,700. This fee is set by JAMB and is subject to change, so it’s important to check the official JAMB website or verified news sources for the most current information.
  • Additional Charges: Apart from the cost of the form, there may be additional charges for things like the JAMB recommended novel and administrative costs at the point of purchase. Ensure to factor these into your budget.


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Other Associated Costs

  • Cost of JAMB CBT Practice Software: Many students opt to purchase Computer-Based Test (CBT) practice software or apps to prepare for the exam. The cost of these resources can vary.
  • Tutorial Fees: If you plan to attend a tutorial class for JAMB preparation, this will be an additional cost. Fees for tutorial centers vary widely based on location and the quality of the coaching provided.
  • Transportation and Accommodation: Depending on your location, you might need to consider the cost of transportation to and from the exam center. In some cases, accommodation costs might also be relevant if the exam center is far from your residence.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

  • Scholarships and Sponsorships: Keep an eye out for scholarships or sponsorships that cover JAMB fees. Various organizations offer financial support to candidates based on different criteria.
  • Early Preparation: Starting your preparation early can reduce the need for extensive tutorial classes, thereby saving costs.

Planning and Budgeting

  • Early Budgeting: It’s advisable to start saving for these expenses well in advance. Early budgeting can help alleviate the financial pressure as the exam date approaches.
  • Seeking Reliable Information: Always refer to official sources for the latest updates on JAMB fees and related expenses. This will help you avoid scams and plan accurately.

Final Reminders

  • Registration Deadline: Be aware of the JAMB registration deadline, which is February 26th, 2024, to avoid last-minute rushes, which can sometimes lead to additional unplanned expenses.
  • Financial Management: Managing your finances effectively during this period is crucial. Avoid unnecessary expenditures and focus on your main goal – succeeding in the JAMB exam.


In conclusion, preparing for the JAMB 2024/2025 goes beyond academic readiness; it also involves financial planning and understanding the costs associated with the process. The cost of the JAMB form is a fundamental aspect of this preparation, but it’s important to remember that there are other expenses that can arise, such as tutorial fees, practice software, and possibly travel and accommodation costs.

As you plan for the JAMB 2024/2025, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest information regarding the cost of the form and associated expenses. Regularly checking the official JAMB website, staying alert for scholarships and financial aid opportunities, and budgeting wisely will help you navigate this process smoothly. Early planning and budgeting can greatly reduce financial stress and allow you to focus more on your exam preparation.

Remember, the journey to achieving your academic goals is a comprehensive one, encompassing both your dedication to studying and your ability to manage the logistical and financial aspects of the examination process. By taking a holistic approach to your JAMB preparation – encompassing both academic and financial readiness – you set yourself up for success in the 2024/2025 academic session. Good luck, and may your efforts pave the way to a bright and prosperous academic future!

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