JAMB Brochure 2024 | List of Courses and Institution

Choosing the right course and institution is a pivotal decision for any student preparing to take the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) examinations. With the vast array of courses and institutions available in Nigeria, making an informed choice can be overwhelming.


The JAMB brochure for 2024 serves as an essential tool, offering detailed information on the list of courses and institutions that align with your academic aspirations and career goals. In this blog post, we delve into the JAMB 2024 brochure, providing you with insights into how to navigate this crucial resource effectively.


The JAMB brochure is more than just a list; it is a comprehensive guide that covers various universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and other tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

It also provides vital information about each course’s requirements, subject combinations, and other necessary details to aid in your decision-making process. Whether you are a student seeking clarity on course choices, or a parent or guardian looking to support your ward, this guide will walk you through the essentials of what the JAMB 2024 brochure has to offer.

Let’s explore together and simplify the process of selecting your ideal course and institution for the 2024 academic year.

JAMB Brochure


Understanding the JAMB Brochure Structure

The JAMB brochure is divided into several sections, each focusing on different types of institutions and courses:

1. Introduction

  • Overview: The brochure begins with an introduction that explains its purpose, how to use it, and general information about the JAMB examination and admission processes.

2. Universities Section

  • Federal, State, and Private Universities: This section is categorized into Federal, State, and Private universities, providing information on each institution.
  • Undergraduate Courses: Details about undergraduate courses offered in these universities, including specific departmental requirements, UTME subjects required, and Direct Entry (DE) requirements.
  • Faculty and Department Information: Includes comprehensive details about different faculties and departments, their specific admission requirements, and duration of courses.


3. Polytechnics and Monotechnics Section

  • List of Institutions: Information on various polytechnics and monotechnics in Nigeria.
  • Courses Offered: Detailed insights into the courses available in these institutions, including entry requirements and course duration.
  • National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) Programs: Specifics about ND and HND programs, including prerequisites and course specifics.

4. Colleges of Education Section

  • List of Colleges: Covers all Colleges of Education in Nigeria.
  • Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) Courses: Information about NCE courses, including admission requirements and course details.
  • Specialized Programs: Details on any specialized programs or teacher training courses offered.

5. Innovative Enterprise Institutes

  • Vocational and Technical Institutions: Lists vocational and technical institutions and the specific courses they offer.
  • Certification Information: Details about the certifications awarded upon completion of these courses and the duration of study.

6. Other Key Information

  • Special Considerations/Waivers: Information on any waivers or special considerations that institutions offer for specific courses.
  • Accreditation Status: Current accreditation status of courses and institutions, an important factor in the validity and recognition of programs.

How to Navigate the Brochure

  • Index and Table of Contents: Use these tools to quickly find information about specific institutions or courses.
  • Course and Institution Search: If using a digital version, utilize search functions to find courses or institutions easily.
  • Read Thoroughly: Pay close attention to the details, especially regarding course and institution requirements.

Understanding the structure of the JAMB brochure is essential for making informed decisions about your higher education. It provides a roadmap for navigating the vast landscape of tertiary institutions and courses in Nigeria, helping you align your academic aspirations with the right programs and institutions.

Key Features of the JAMB Brochure

The JAMB brochure, an essential tool for students preparing for university admission in Nigeria, is packed with features that provide detailed guidance on various educational paths. Understanding these key features helps candidates make informed decisions about their academic future. Here are the key features of the JAMB brochure:

1. Detailed Course Information

  • List of Courses: Comprehensive details on a wide range of courses offered across various institutions.
  • Course Requirements: Specific entry requirements for each course, including necessary O’Level subjects, UTME subject combination, and any special conditions.

2. Institutional Profiles

  • University Profiles: Descriptions of federal, state, and private universities, including their history, facilities, and unique offerings.
  • Polytechnics and Monotechnics: Insights into the programs offered by polytechnics and monotechnics, along with their facilities and specializations.
  • Colleges of Education: Information on various colleges of education and the courses they offer, focusing on teacher education and specialized programs.

3. Admission Requirements

  • UTME Requirements: Details on the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) requirements for each course and institution.
  • Direct Entry Requirements: Information for candidates seeking admission through Direct Entry, including necessary qualifications and prerequisites.

4. Special Considerations and Waivers

  • Institution-Specific Considerations: Unique conditions or waivers provided by certain institutions that may affect admission.
  • Course-Specific Waivers: Special considerations for specific courses that may differ from the general entry requirements.

5. Accreditation Status

  • Accredited Courses and Institutions: Information on the accreditation status of courses and institutions, which is crucial for ensuring the validity and recognition of the qualifications offered.

6. Additional Educational Opportunities

  • Innovative Enterprise Institutes: Details on vocational and technical education options, including information on certifications and course durations.

7. Guidelines for International Students

  • Information for Foreign Candidates: Specific guidelines and requirements for international students seeking admission into Nigerian institutions.

8. Other Useful Information

  • Updates on Changes: Any recent changes in course offerings, requirements, or institutional details.
  • Contact Information: Contact details for institutions for further inquiries or clarifications.

Utilizing the JAMB Brochure Effectively

  • For Course Selection: Helps in identifying courses that align with students’ academic performance and career aspirations.
  • For Institution Selection: Assists in choosing the right institution based on course availability, location, facilities, and accreditation status.
  • For Understanding Admission Processes: Provides a clear understanding of what is required for admission into various courses and institutions.

The JAMB brochure is an indispensable resource for candidates, offering a wealth of information that spans the breadth of tertiary education options in Nigeria. By familiarizing themselves with these key features, students can navigate their educational pathways more confidently and efficiently.

How to Use the JAMB Brochure Effectively

Using the JAMB brochure effectively is crucial for prospective students in Nigeria as it guides them through the maze of courses and institutions, helping to align their academic interests with the right educational pathways. Here are strategies to use the JAMB brochure effectively:

1. Identify Your Academic Interests and Strengths

  • Self-Assessment: Start by assessing your academic strengths, interests, and career aspirations. This will help you identify courses that align with your abilities and future goals.

2. Explore Courses and Their Requirements

  • Course Exploration: Use the brochure to explore different courses available across various institutions. Pay attention to the specific details of each course.
  • Check Entry Requirements: Note the UTME subject combinations and O’Level requirements for your chosen courses to ensure you meet them.

3. Research Institutions Offering Your Desired Course

  • Institutional Information: Look up institutions that offer the courses you’re interested in. Consider factors like location, facilities, campus life, and the institution’s reputation.
  • Compare Options: Compare the same course across different institutions to see variations in course content, focus, and opportunities.

4. Understand Admission Requirements and Processes

  • UTME and Direct Entry Requirements: Check for specific admission requirements for each course, including cut-off marks and any additional tests or interviews.
  • Special Considerations: Be aware of any special considerations or waivers that might apply to the course or institution.

5. Check Accreditation Status

  • Ensure Validity of Course: Confirm that the course and the institution are fully accredited by the relevant educational authorities to ensure the validity of your qualification.

6. Plan for Application

  • Shortlist Options: Based on your research, create a shortlist of preferred courses and institutions.
  • Application Strategy: Plan your application strategy, including how you’ll prepare for the UTME and any other required exams or processes.

7. Seek Advice and Clarification

  • Guidance from Educators: Don’t hesitate to seek advice from teachers, school counselors, or education consultants.
  • Clarify Doubts: If you have any doubts or need clarification, contact the institutions directly or use official channels for accurate information.

8. Stay Updated

  • Latest Edition: Always use the latest edition of the JAMB brochure, as courses and requirements can change.
  • Check for Updates: Regularly visit the JAMB website for any updates or changes in the admission process.

9. Utilize Digital Resources

  • JAMB e-Brochure: Make use of the JAMB e-brochure for an easily accessible and navigable option. This digital version often includes search functionalities that make it easier to find information.

List of Courses and Institution on JAMB Brochure 2024

The types of courses and institutions typically found in a JAMB brochure based on standard offerings in Nigerian tertiary education:

Types of Courses:

The JAMB brochure usually includes a wide range of courses spanning various fields of study. Common categories include:

  1. Sciences: Such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology, etc.
  2. Engineering & Technology: Including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc.
  3. Medical Sciences: Like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Public Health, etc.
  4. Social Sciences: Including Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Geography, etc.
  5. Arts and Humanities: Such as English Language, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Languages and Linguistics, etc.
  6. Management Sciences: Like Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, etc.
  7. Agricultural Sciences: Such as Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Science, etc.
  8. Education: In various subject areas for teaching careers.

Types of Institutions:

The JAMB brochure encompasses a variety of higher education institutions across Nigeria, including:

  1. Federal Universities: Such as the University of Lagos, University of Ibadan, Ahmadu Bello University, etc.
  2. State Universities: Like Lagos State University, Delta State University, Osun State University, etc.
  3. Private Universities: Including Covenant University, Babcock University, Afe Babalola University, etc.
  4. Polytechnics and Monotechnics: Such as Yaba College of Technology, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, etc.
  5. Colleges of Education: Including Federal College of Education Zaria, Adeyemi College of Education, etc.
  6. Innovative Enterprise Institutes: Offering specialized vocational and technical courses.

How to Access the JAMB Brochure:

  1. JAMB Official Website: The JAMB brochure is usually available for download on the official JAMB website.
  2. JAMB e-Brochure Application: You can access it through the JAMB e-Brochure software which is often available on the JAMB portal.
  3. Physical Copies: Some schools and educational centers may have physical copies of the brochure.


The JAMB brochure for 2024 is an indispensable resource for any student planning to navigate the complexities of higher education admissions in Nigeria. It offers a comprehensive list of courses and institutions, catering to a wide array of academic interests and career aspirations. Whether you are drawn to the sciences, arts, technology, or any other field, the brochure provides the necessary details to help you make informed decisions about your future academic path.

As you peruse the JAMB brochure, remember that choosing a course and institution is a decision that shapes your future. Consider your interests, strengths, and career goals carefully. Also, keep in mind the importance of the accreditation status of courses and the reputation of institutions. These factors play a crucial role in the value of the education you will receive.

Utilize the brochure as a guide to explore the diverse educational opportunities available in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions. It is a tool to help you match your academic goals with the right programs and universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education.

We encourage you to approach this phase of your education journey with enthusiasm and diligence. The choices you make now will lay the foundation for your future success in your chosen field. So take the time to research, reflect, and choose wisely. Your journey through higher education is about to begin, and the JAMB brochure for 2024 is here to guide you every step of the way. Best of luck to all prospective students!

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